What is SEO? Why SEO?

what is seoWhat is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of taking specific measures to assure that your website site is given more importance and placed higher in search engine results than your competitors’ websites. Google, Bing, MSN and Yahoo have a hold on the vast majority of daily searches performed on the Internet. In fact, Google’s market share of search is so huge that most SEO tips are geared toward them. Which is fine because if the SEO is working for Google the rest of the search gang will eventually grant the same importance. 

There are Two Types of Search Engine Results

SEO results come in two basic types of  – organic or natural, and paid. In order to reach the maximum amount of visitors for your business, the most important thing is getting listed on the first page of first page of search results. This is critical as most people who search the Web won’t bother to look beyond the first page of search engine results to find what they need.

What is SEO when paid for? 

Wondering what paid for SEO is? In a nutshell, it is Search Engine Optimization for a Fee. An easy way (but can be very expensive) to get to the first page and get the desired high placement would be through the use of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns, such as Google AdWords or Yahoo Sponsored Search or Microsoft’s adCenter. If you outbid your competitors your website can get placed on the first page of search results. But the problem with this is that everytime time a person clicks on your ad it will cost you money.

What is SEO when it is called organic?

What is seo when it is called organic? Organic SEO is Search Engine Optimization through Sweat Equity, basically. Although you can also pay someone else to do the sweating for you.

SEO using Organic search results are where your website ranks on its own merits- without the use of paying for expensive ads. Getting your website placed in the top 10 search results for your targeted keywords can result in increased traffic to your website and consequently, increased sales for your  business. Organic SEO or search engine optimization, then focuses on improvements in your organic search rankings.

Organic SEO is Both an Art and a Science

Organic SEO of your website for improved search results is both an art and a science, but it’s not rocket science. The science part of SEO lies largely in understanding the algorithms, or formulas, used by the search engines to determine where sites rank and making decisions on which keywords – terms or phrases people use to conduct a search – to target. The “art” portion of SEO is how you go about implementing techniques for search engines to find you.

Unfortunately, search engine algorithms change constantly and the search engines do what they can to keep their algorithms and techniques secret. While understanding the factors that are used for search rankings is like cracking a code, there is a lot of information available on the web – some of it reliable and some of it not-so-much.

When implementing SEO, Keyword research  is important and the foundation of what SEO is all about. Keyword research is the process of understanding what search terms or phrases your targeted site visitors might use to find you, and then selecting the right balance between keyword popularity – the number of times the word or phrase is used in a search – and competitiveness – the number of other websites that are trying to rank highly for those keywords, measured by the results returned by the search engine for the keyword phrase used. Finding frequently used keywords that relatively few sites are targeting is the challenge. It is the foundation for all SEO efforts and cannot be overlooked. Keyword research can be done for free once you understand the basics just by signing up for and using the Free Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Or to make life easier their are many paid keyword tools out there that really help make life easier for your keyword research, such as Micro Niche Finder.What is seo - micro niche finder

Do-it-Yourself or Hire an SEO Pro?

There’s no question that an ethical, or “white hat” SEO services company can work wonders for your website traffic. However, depending on your comfort level with HTML – the computer language used to create most website pages – there are a number of things you can do yourself to optimize your site for search and get more traffic without the expense of hiring someone to do it for you.

Taking your own steps to improve your site’s search engine rankings will save you money. While you may not be able to do all the things an SEO professional could do, even with this search engine optimization tutorial, if you have a limited budget you’ll want to do what you can to boost your site’s traffic. Here are some SEO tips that most of you can probably do yourself.

Handy hints for Organic SEO

Here are ten basic SEO tips included in the search engine optimization tutorial you might consider doing yourself to get better search rankings and increased site traffic:

  • Research and select the right keywords
  • Select the right domain name (should have the keyword in it)
  • Use your keywords in your page titles
  • Use keyword text in your navigation
  • Create useful keyword content – repeat often
  • Make keywords part of your META Description
  • Secure high quality incoming links
  • Use keyword text (not “click here”) in your links (called anchor text links)
  • Create a site map (extremely important for the Google bots)

These handy SEO hints form the basis for the search engine optimization and will get you on the right track. While there are other tricks and tools that an  ethical SEO professional will use to boost your rankings, these will help you go a long way to improve rankings, even with a severely limited knowledge and bank account. Even eCommerce and other sites that are controlled by a content management system, which can create its own SEO challenges, can benefit by following these suggestions. And, if your keywords are highly competitive, you may not ever be able to rank in the top 10 search results all by yourself, but you will move up in the rankings and you should find some increase in traffic to your site.

What is SEO…it a time sucker thats what! And it takes a lot of knowledge, persistence and extreme patience for good SEO to kick in. 

Effective SEO takes time. You can’t rush the search engines.You won’t see improvements immediately by following these hints, so don’t be discouraged if your traffic doesn’t jump through the roof right away. Make it a habit to refer to these SEO hints whenever you update your website, go through a redesign, or plan a new site. Also remember that keyword popularity and competition change over time. So be sure to revisit and research your targeted keywords every now and again to see if they still draw traffic. Also, don’t expect to use these SEO hints one time only and then forget about it.

SEO is an ongoing process…that’s what SEO is!





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