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Is SEO Dead?

is-seo-deadIs SEO Dead? Probably Not…Just morphed into something else again! Here is a commentary written by Sarah Love about some not too distant changes. Even since this article was originally written there have been even more Google shenanigans messing around the the exact match domain arena. But that will be another article for another day.

Is SEO dead? Here is what Sarah had to say…

Recently, I read an article written by Forbes contributor Ken Krogue: The Death of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content. As I’m sure Ken intended, that title really caught my eye, especially because PR is so heavily integrated with SEO. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve SEO, by implementing keywords and link backs wherever possible, among a variety of other strategies. However, as my colleague Joanna wrote after a presentation from SEO expert Hans Riemer, SEO is complicated and ever-changing; there is no formula. And because of that fact, SEO has attracted a lot of skeptics!

In his article, Ken defines himself as a skeptic. He summarizes a conversation he had earlier this year with one of the top SEO consultants in Utah, Adam Torkildson, who predicted the decline of his industry within the next two years. All of this, he says, will come at the hand of Google.

He was proved right in some ways, as Google recently updated their search algorithm with Penguin to eliminate “black hat,” or unethical, SEO efforts. Basically, you can no longer cheat the system by posting pages of random text to boost your SEO rating. Which is good.

Ken was not the only journalist saying the sky is falling after the Penguin update. In fact, many claimed that this was Google’s attempt to further reduce the impact of SEO. Yet, isn’t Google helping to define and control the parameters of SEO so that it can deliver the best content to users? I am quite annoyed when my search results are irrelevant or filled with spam and, at the same time, so is Google because that means the search engine is not doing it’s job. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that this new algorithm is in fact helping deliver more relevant results – the companies, service providers, storefronts or simple information that I am in fact looking for. That also means those companies, service providers, storefronts and information providers are getting the customers that they were looking for. Which is good!

is seo deadI too am inclined to agree that there has been just a little too much paranoia on the ole Penguin Panda shakedown. 

Ultimately it all boils down to quality content structured in a way that it can be easily catagorized. then add social signals to the mix and it will still be relatively easy to be found online. 

It also means that companies implementing SEO practices must be more strategic. A backend page of “Boston PR Boston PR Boston PR” is no longer going to put March at the top of “Boston PR” searches (which, of course, we don’t have. Just an example). Rather, March will have to put out valuable content, get other companies to link back to our content and continue posting more and more content to attract the attention of Google’s SEO magic. Good thing we do all those things already :)

SEO will likely remain complicated simply because we are all still figuring it out – Google, the SEO pros and their PR counterparts, among many others. But I do not foresee the death of SEO as long as there are still search engines to be optimized. Rather, we must all become more clever and creative, creating worthwhile content for searchers to find!

So, back to the question “is seo dead?” I don’t think so.

It is my closing thought that Seo is really not dead, just in a little state of disarray. We are all just going through a weeding out process with junk sites and content. But it is more important than ever to have unique quality content with good on page optimization. And then have social recognition too. There are a few new wordpress plugins that actually address and aid with the new changes. Here is a good one that comes to mind. 

the death of seo

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posted July 30 2012author Sarah Love

The Death of Seo




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Google Penalty Myths – Six Facts About Google Penalties

Google-PenaltyGoogle Penalty Myths are Everywhere! Here are just a handful of the some of the most widely known wives tales about Google penalties and how to get Google sandboxed.

Google Penalty #1

Major keyword density (frequent use or overuse of keywords throughout article – also called keyword stuffing) helps in search engine ranking :

Although wise and liberal use of the main keyword is important, keyword stuffing is not a good practice for SEO. Write naturally and use content that is useful to readers. Be sure to use your keywords in title and <h> tags though. There is no perfect formula for keyword quantity in an article. It is important to use your keyword in the 1 sentence of a paragraph. Some say anywhere from 1.5 to 4% density. Overuse of keywords can be annoying. It is better to use additional words that are related to the keyword. A google penalty won’t exist with good quality content that is not stuffed like a turkey.


google_penalties#2 – Using duplicate content can cause a Google penalty 

Google doesn’t penalize websites for duplicate content. Although Google appears to give lesser preferences to duplicate content. Be sensible when re-using content from other sites. Of course it is always best to use original, quality content that is informative, easy to read…and did I say original? That way it is easier to get better search engine ranking and visitor


#3 – You need to regularly submit your URLs in Google

Wrong! It is not necessary to re-submit. Once Google knows about your site, the only thing you must do regularly is submit your sitemap if there are any updates. This can be done automatically with certain plugins.


#4 – Mixing HTML/XHTML codes will break verification

Many say that mixing html and xhtml will cause a google penalty. Untrue! Webmaster Tools accepts both type of tags, regardless of your page’s code or doc type. W3c validation doesn’t increase your rankings. However good valid code makes the site work better in many different browsers and makes it easier to correct issues.


#5 – A massive quantity of back inks is better

Most people mistakenly believe that they can get to the top of google by buying massive amounts of backlinks from a backling service. This is NOT entirely true. It is the quality of links that is important, not the quantity for getting to the front page of Google. A lot of links from useless, non relevant, bad sites or directories can actually do more harm than good to your rankings. But if the links come from high quality relevant & authoritative sites or directories then it can work miracles for your rankings.


#6 – SEO is a One Time process

Many people think that SEO is something that you do once to get the site optimized and then they are done and it’s up and up to the top forever. Unfortunately this is not the case. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. In order to stay ahead of the game, it is imperative to work on and tweak the site on a consistent basis. All it takes is the competition doing more than you are or an update from the search engines…and then its downhill from there.


Really the best way to avoid any kind of google penalty and help your site achieve higher rankings is to have well optimized quality content that Google and your readers will love. Even if some of it might be duplicate. It is also important to have good quality backlinks to your site. Better rankings will be yours and google penalties will be unheard of.



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