Keyword Planner – How does the Google Keyword Planner Differ from the Keyword Tool?

Keyword Planner is different from Keyword Tool.

Here is how as stated on the Adwords site.

keyword plannerWith Keyword Planner, we’ve combined the functionality of Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator to make it easier to plan search campaigns. As you start to use Keyword Planner, you’ll likely notice some differences between Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool.
Historical search volume statistics

With Keyword Tool, we showed you statistics for broad match by default with the ability to get statistics for other match types, like phrase and exact match. With Keyword Planner, you’ll get historical statistics only for exact match. To decide what match type to use with your keywords, add the keyword idea to your plan and review the traffic estimates for each match type.

In general, you’ll notice that the average search volume data is higher in Keyword Planner as compared to the exact match search volume data you got with Keyword Tool. That’s because we’ll show you the average number of searches for a keyword idea on all devices (desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones). With Keyword Tool, we showed you average search volume for desktop and laptop computers by default. Read More….

Hope this info has been helpful. Here is more information on WebSeo and being found on Google.



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Keyword Search – Whats the Best Way for Finding Good Keywords

Keyword search is the foundation of being found.



keyword search

What is keyword search? Find out here.

As quoted by  TJ McCue at Forbes online is “Content marketing is one of the hot buzzwords and concepts for 2013. In order to get traffic and visitors to your website or marketing campaign, you need good content.” He continues…”But I’d like to take one step back and suggest that before you start producing any content, you think about your audience, and after you do that, think about the keywords you will use in your title and throughout your post.” And yes, without good words the keyword search will never get your target market to your website.    Read More


Here is a great keyword search tool that in spite of the new Google changes will be very useful for your keyword research moving forward.

A lot of folks use the Adwords Keyword tool. But what exactly does it do. click here to find out more.



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Adwords Keyword Tool

The Adwords Keyword Tool is now the only way to get your research from Google.

adwords keyword tool

 What was the old Adwords keyword tool all about? Find out Here.

Check out info on the Bing Keyword Tool


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Good Keyword Ideas are Now Harder to Find

keyword ideasWhere to find good keyword ideas:

As marketers, we all agree that the foundation for any online campaign, be it for affiliate products or for offline businesses, starts with research and the process of how to find good keywords. Keyword and niche research can make or break your marketing efforts, so it’s very important to get the right keywords. Targeting wrong keywords equals wasted effort and lots of time and a site or page relegated to the outer reaches of the universe as far as the Big G is concerned. And thats about it! No way around it.

There were a lot of keyword spy tools available that were highly useful for keyword research. But, with the google keyword tool being replaced, a lot of folks are wondering just how they will be able to come up with good ideas for keywords. Watch out for many new and innovative tools coming out on the market to help solve the dilemma of finding good keywords. But in the meantime, there are some already existing solutions to help you come up with great ideas for keywords. Here is a short list of suggestions that may help.

#1: Google Search Suggest and Bing Search Suggest — when you type in the search box on Google and Bing, you get up to ten suggestions for searches that you might want to perform. The data comes from other people’s searches, i.e. these are actually the keywords that other people are searching for that start with your search string. VERY valuable info!

#2: — Free online tool to search for keywords. The free option limits you to ten searches per day, and the paid (expensive!) plan gives you unlimited. The returned information includes cost per click from Bing and Google, search volume, and more.

#3: — This tool takes your suggested start keyword and generates keywords that are related and that appear in the top results in Google for your start keywords. In other words, these suggestions are highly relevant to the start keyword and worth considering!

#4: — Uber Suggest is like Soovle, but again ups the ante. You can select suggestions in lots of languages and in separate categories like web, news, images, etc. Wow.

#5: — Another free and paid tool. The free option is restricted of course, however it provides a LOT of good data including the comparative cost of clicks in each geo-location, trends, related keywords, the 100 top-ranking domains, etc etc. Lots of stuff to dig into.

#6: — This tool takes drop-down suggestions to a stratospheric level — it allows you to select which search engines and sites to send what you’re typing to, and it dynamically displays the suggestions. Shows suggestions from up to 7 sites at once, and click the engines link in the top-right corner to explore alternative sources.


Hope this list will be helpful and give you lots of ideas for the perfect keywords for your web seo related online endeavors. If you are interested in the new keyword planner tool go here.



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Is SEO Dead?

is-seo-deadIs SEO Dead? Probably Not…Just morphed into something else again! Here is a commentary written by Sarah Love about some not too distant changes. Even since this article was originally written there have been even more Google shenanigans messing around the the exact match domain arena. But that will be another article for another day.

Is SEO dead? Here is what Sarah had to say…

Recently, I read an article written by Forbes contributor Ken Krogue: The Death of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content. As I’m sure Ken intended, that title really caught my eye, especially because PR is so heavily integrated with SEO. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve SEO, by implementing keywords and link backs wherever possible, among a variety of other strategies. However, as my colleague Joanna wrote after a presentation from SEO expert Hans Riemer, SEO is complicated and ever-changing; there is no formula. And because of that fact, SEO has attracted a lot of skeptics!

In his article, Ken defines himself as a skeptic. He summarizes a conversation he had earlier this year with one of the top SEO consultants in Utah, Adam Torkildson, who predicted the decline of his industry within the next two years. All of this, he says, will come at the hand of Google.

He was proved right in some ways, as Google recently updated their search algorithm with Penguin to eliminate “black hat,” or unethical, SEO efforts. Basically, you can no longer cheat the system by posting pages of random text to boost your SEO rating. Which is good.

Ken was not the only journalist saying the sky is falling after the Penguin update. In fact, many claimed that this was Google’s attempt to further reduce the impact of SEO. Yet, isn’t Google helping to define and control the parameters of SEO so that it can deliver the best content to users? I am quite annoyed when my search results are irrelevant or filled with spam and, at the same time, so is Google because that means the search engine is not doing it’s job. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that this new algorithm is in fact helping deliver more relevant results – the companies, service providers, storefronts or simple information that I am in fact looking for. That also means those companies, service providers, storefronts and information providers are getting the customers that they were looking for. Which is good!

is seo deadI too am inclined to agree that there has been just a little too much paranoia on the ole Penguin Panda shakedown. 

Ultimately it all boils down to quality content structured in a way that it can be easily catagorized. then add social signals to the mix and it will still be relatively easy to be found online. 

It also means that companies implementing SEO practices must be more strategic. A backend page of “Boston PR Boston PR Boston PR” is no longer going to put March at the top of “Boston PR” searches (which, of course, we don’t have. Just an example). Rather, March will have to put out valuable content, get other companies to link back to our content and continue posting more and more content to attract the attention of Google’s SEO magic. Good thing we do all those things already :)

SEO will likely remain complicated simply because we are all still figuring it out – Google, the SEO pros and their PR counterparts, among many others. But I do not foresee the death of SEO as long as there are still search engines to be optimized. Rather, we must all become more clever and creative, creating worthwhile content for searchers to find!

So, back to the question “is seo dead?” I don’t think so.

It is my closing thought that Seo is really not dead, just in a little state of disarray. We are all just going through a weeding out process with junk sites and content. But it is more important than ever to have unique quality content with good on page optimization. And then have social recognition too. There are a few new wordpress plugins that actually address and aid with the new changes. Here is a good one that comes to mind. 

the death of seo

Click Image Above

 Authority Link Software



posted July 30 2012author Sarah Love

The Death of Seo




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Digi Article Blaster – For Push Button Backlinks

Digi Article Blaster – Incredible article submission software creates backlinks at the push of the button!

Attention: Internet marketers, offline businesses, bloggers, and anyone else who wants a flood of link juice and that #1 Google ranking!

Digi Article Blaster“How to get over 150 push-button backlinks for every post on your blog…All with Digi Article Blaster.

…spin 1000s of articles on 100% autopilot…

…and command the kind of traffic you’ve only dreamed about”

First of all, what’s the best way to get higher search rankings?
Manual article submission is like wading through concrete, boy does it ever bog you down!
But why get 15 backlinks in a day when you could get 150 in ten minutes?

Introducing Push Button Backlinks…
Digi Article Blaster

  • Get over 150 push-button backlinks for every article…
  • …spin 1000s of articles on 100% autopilot…

Digi Article Blaster Plugin is a new WordPress plugin that completely automates your syndication, blasting your article to over 150 directories with a single click. This is article marketing on steroids!

With Digi Article Blaster, you’ll have hundreds of backlinks funneling link juice to your site while your competition’s still trying to decipher the first captcha.

Why a WordPress plugin?

Because why should you waste time writing new articles… when you’ve got a back catalogue in your blog just waiting to be syndicated? No more hassle… just hit one button in the WordPress admin panel and blast away.

Because your software should be as simple as possible… and what’s simpler than a plugin? Download, install, done.

Because you can post, spin and blast all in one place… no messing around copying and pasting your article into different software to submit or spin.

Because you shouldn’t need to care about what operating system you run… whether it’s Windows, Linux or a Mac, Digi Article Blaster can support you.

Digi ArticleBlaster – Easy Step by Step for Push button backlinks

  • Installation – this really is a simple WordPress Plugin install.  You can install the plugin by uploading directly in the WordPress admin without having to use any kind of cumbersome FTP software
  •  Automatic Post Directory Site sign up – All you do is add the email address and your own Decaptcher login, or you can manually complete Decaptcher
  • Choose Post – Pick the post on your own blog that you need to submit to 150 post directories
  • Add Spin Tags – make the post unique by adding spin tags, or perhaps simply copy your own post into a great Article Spinner such as The Best Spinner and copy the crime back into Digi Article Blaster
  • Submit your own Article – create your resource box and simply submit.  It creates an editable automatic back link in the resource box back to your blog post.
  • Voila! Finished – that’s all there is to it. What a really simple way to get  extremely viable, easy 150 backlinks.

All in all…for the cost, this is a handy tool if you want a fast and easy method to get some backlinks and you don’t want to invest in expensive article submission software.  If you’re a heavy internet marketer and are looking for top of the line article submissions software, I would suggest you simply skip this plugin and go for something like Article Marketing Robot.

Is Digi Article Blaster the Right Tool for You?

Depends…If you are a power energy backlink builder that already has tools like Article Marketing Robot or Senuke X then I would definitely say this is more of the cool novelty and definitely not essential.  If you have dozens of blogs that you have outsourced to virtual assistants and they don’t have software then this could really be a simple solution for them to submit articles and then get 150 quick backlinks.

If you own 1 or 2 blogs and don’t have an Article Spinner or Post Submission tool as well as have a low budget this might be best for you.  Use Digi Article Blaster for affliate marketing? What is affiliate marketing and how could Digital Article Blaster help? Basically affiliate marketing is when you as an affiliate sell other peoples stuff. Digi Article Blaster can help you get bettger seo results and help you be found easier by the serps.

Perfect for the beginner and intermediate blogger, Digi Article Blaster does all it was advertised to do, and does it quite well I might add.

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